Creating better connection and intimacy is easy when you know how to fight more fairly.

Learn to Fight Fair and Bring New Levels of Connection and Intimacy to Your Relationship

By Heather Spurrell It’s 10 am Saturday morning, errand day, and you and your person are set. It’s all the life stuff, mundane but necessary. Normally it would be a boring hassle but today is a ‘date-day’ in an effort to reconnect with each other. The connection and intimacy have been drifting as between you have been a little tense …

Keep the Sparks Alive in Your Relationship by Putting the Other Person First

By: Heather Spurrell It’s Friday afternoon, you’re wrapping up your workday, and you’re feeling goooood. Your co-workers are all headed out a little early for happy hour and they keep bugging you about joining them. But you’re not interested. In fact, you can’t wait to get home!  Why? Because you know that in 4 hours and 32 minutes you’re going …

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