Rediscover your power, reclaim your voice, and redefine what it means to be YOU.

Stop neglecting your needs, stop questioning your value, and stop abandoning your desires.

Believe in your power

Believe in your worth

Believe in YOU

The dissatisfaction, loneliness, or invisibility you feel is not from your lack of trying. You’ve worked all the external angles to make things better, but what’s needed now has to come from within.

woman thinking about rewilding her life

Rediscover your power.

You’ve spent a lifetime (unconsciously) focused on the comfort of others; putting others at first, protecting egos, and avoiding rocking boats.

The epitome of giving your power away…

Rediscover your power and make yourself the main character of your life, doing the things that move you in the direction that serves your highest and best self.

Reclaim your voice.

Through passive dismissal by ignoring, passive-aggressive undermining, or outright anger and defensiveness, you’ve learned using your voice equals rejection.

You may even have been labeled difficult, too emotional, or crazy…

Don’t let the gaslighters and emotionally immature win. Reclaim your voice and gain direct access to building balanced relationships and living the life you’re meant for.

woman feeling lost in life
woman stuck in life

Redefine what it means to be YOU.

A lifetime of feedback that has shown you that your worth comes from what you do for others (please them, solve their problems, turn them on…) making it really easy to lose sight of what really matters to you.

You’ve been conditioned to self-abandon, self-betray, and self-sacrifice.

Break the bonds of those unconscious internal programs and start feeling truly free and at ease in your own skin.

How do you reclaim your power and start feeling aligned and alive in your life?


Decide your time is now.

Only you can decide that your life, and how you feel in it, is a priority. Only you can make the decision, and give yourself permission, to put how you feel and what you need as a priority. That time is NOW.


Invest in yourself.

Choosing to do this sacred work of turning inward and giving yourself the gift of working with an expert may go against the way you’ve always done things. It’s time for that to change – your happiness matters!


Love your life.

During this one precious life you have, you deserve to feel lit up, vibrant, and alive. Loving your life requires that you feel confident in your worth in all areas, no matter who or what’s in front of you.


My Approach:

I believe that the most important relationship we will ever have, is our relationship with ourselves. The health of it determines how we feel about ourselves and what we believe is possible for our lives.

That’s why I start my coaching with a deep-dive assessment of you. Using methodology rooted in the work of Dr. John Gottman – world renowned couples’ therapist – we begin our work together with a detailed report on the health of your relationship with yourself.

Client Alix says: “I learned more in a 2-hour session with Heather than I did in 2 years of therapy!”

This one-of-a-kind process, is the foundation of my unique approach to transformational coaching and the thing that makes all the difference. (Read more…)

I love the structure Heather uses! She was able to quickly decode the unhelpful programming that was holding me back. The understanding I gained allows me to choose a different and happier path.



The Personal Blueprint was really eye-opening and helped me understand why I am the way I am. It was very empowering to understand what I needed to do to get the results I want!


I have experienced incredible outcomes both personally and professionally as a result of my work with Heather. Getting to borrow her knowledge and way of thinking is my secret weapon to winning at life!



A better process with better outcomes.

Have you ever met a woman who is truly grounded in her power?

A woman who is confident in her value, and free enough to express herself? A woman who has no problem setting limits and asking for what she needs?

You might describe her as passionate and brave. There’s a vibrancy about her – a sense of wisdom and mystery. She’s definitely connected to her feminine… you might even say she’s a little bit wild…

That’s a woman who’s done her inner-work.

That’s a woman who has been re-wilded.

How you can work with me:

coaching package

Deep-Dive Intensive

Finally understand why you are the way you are, and know where you need to put your focus so you can start getting the results in your life you truly desire.

This unique process will give you access to the challenges and blind spots that have been holding you back, so you know with confidence how to take aligned action.

– Comprehensive Online Assessment
– Personalized Blueprint Summary
– 90-minute deep dive session
– Blueprint Report + Action Plan
– 30-minute follow-up session


Read about my Blueprint Process…

What happens if you don’t take the leap and invest in yourself?

It’s pretty simple. You’ll stay on the Groundhog Day merry-go-round of feeling less than satisfied, stuck in the wife/mother/job-title labels that have been assigned to you, and wondering if this is all there is…

What happens if you do take the leap and invest in yourself?

There is nothing more powerful than a woman grounded in her truth, and something inside of you knows that. It’s time to start listening to your heart, and doing things your way – on purpose, in flow, and feeling vibrantly alive.  

The Rewilding Project is specifically designed to help you:

  • Take up allllllll your space
  • Set boundaries like a badass
  • Embody main-character-energy 
  • Thrive in your life.

A soul-led life of freedom and ease, aligned with the true nature of your fierce and feminine heart is waiting for you. It’s time to just step into that.

A rewilding participant, Monica Manuel, shares: “I am calmer, more organized, focused, and kinder to myself and others. The unexpected result is that my business is growing!”

If part of you is feeling unsure about whether you actually have what it takes to dig in and do the deep work to get you there, trust me, you can.

If a depressed corporate drop-out, striving to find fulfillment through people-pleasing and perfectionism can do it, so can YOU. 

Pricing & Payment Plans

coaching package

Deep-Dive Intensive

Fully explore why you are the way your are, and gain some much needed clarity.

– Comprehensive Online Assessment
– Personalized Blueprint Summary
– 90-minute deep dive session
– Blueprint Report + Action Plan
– 30-minute follow-up session

coaching package

90-Day Coaching Program

Increase your confidence as you step into your power.

– Comprehensive Online Assessment
– Personalized Blueprint Summary
– 90-minute deep dive session
– Blueprint Report + Action Plan
– Bi-weekly coach calls
– (Option for weekly calls)
– 90-minute Completion Call

coaching package

6-Month Coaching Program

Produce profound, change across all areas of your life, and start living a life you love.

– Comprehensive Online Assessment
– Personalized Blueprint Summary
– 90-minute deep dive session
– Blueprint Report + Action Plan
– 6 months bi-weekly coach calls
– (Option for weekly calls)
– Personal Blueprint update
– 90-minute Completion Call
– Voxer + text support between calls
– Digital Resource Library

Your Future Self is calling you, are you ready to answer?

Personal Blueprint

The Personal Blueprint is a custom-tailored written summary that will unlock the mysteries of why you are the way you are and what you need to do to finally get unstuck.

This deep-dive assessment (rooted in the work of Dr. John Gottman) reviews 22 key areas of your inner world, and provides you with the key areas to focus your attention so you get the results you want.

Your personalized blueprint provides clarity (of understanding and for action) to ensure you don’t waste a moment of our time together. It also gives you a measurable framework to track your progress.

Deep-Dive Discovery Session

Start your journey off with a deep-dive into you – your heart, your truth, and discover where you truly desire to be in life.

This is the beginning of experiencing full-permission to step into your power and start creating the life you’re meant for.

Using your Personal Blueprint as a foundation, we will create your map for the program identifying areas of focus as well as potential pitfalls to ensure you have the highest possibility of success.

After your session you will receive the session recording as well as a written summary of your Personal Blueprint and all the recommended resources and actions for you to use on your journey.

Private Coaching

During your program, you will have a weekly private coaching session tailored exclusively to you.

These 60-minute sessions will support you in better understanding yourself and why you are the way you are. You will also discover the blind-spots and patterns blocking you from living the life, and having the love you truly desire.

As you gain this valuable knowledge, you will start to meet yourself with compassion and grace, healing those deep wounds in the process.

Support Between Sessions

When embarking on deep work like this, it is important you feel properly supported and partnered.

There’s nothing worse than having a light-bulb moment or moment of self-doubt and not having a trusted and emotionally safe resource to share with.

Between your regularly scheduled coaching sessions, you will have access to connect with me throughout your rewilding journey.

Resource Library

There’s a lot of information out there to help guide you through this type of work, knowing you have the right tools can make all the difference.

You will have access to my specially curated, constantly growing library of recommended resources designed to help you further expand your growth in the areas that are important to you.

Feel confident knowing that you’re getting the right information from the right sources without wasting any of your precious time.

Your Future Self is calling you, are you ready to answer?