Are you ready to stop feeling like something’s wrong with YOU?

The WILDprint is a simple program to help you discover why you’re stuck and what you can do about it.

Let’s face it, despite the notion that relationships should come easy, the truth is they’re hard! Especially when your stuff (like: limiting beliefs, past broken hearts, dysfunctional patterns, and even unresolved childhood “stuff”) get in the way…

Have you ever wondered why you:

  • Can’t find real and lasting love -> you’re either chasing emotionally unavailable dickheads or bored to death (and resentful) of the nice guy?
  • Struggle to set healthy boundaries -> you’re either defensively saying “no” to everything or silently hating yourself as you hear the words “sure” come out of your mouth?
  • Get stuck in the cycle of perfection -> you’re either hyper focused on making things perfect or paralyzed with doubt and indecision for fear of doing the wrong thing?  

It’s because the stuff anchoring in those patterns are stuck in a blind spot where you can’t see them. When you can’t see them, it’s hard to identify them. When you can’t identify them, it’s hard to know how to fix them.

Think of it like this: your mind is like a human version of your phone’s operating system.

Just like your phone’s operating system has been programmed to make the phone function, your mind works in a similar way with you… The difference with your phone’s operating system is that it was programmed by highly skilled software engineers who know what they’re doing.

Unfortunately, our human “operating system” doesn’t work the same way. Our “operating systems” are programmed by our experiences in life; what we hear and see from the people closest to us (especially when we’re little) determines how we see ourselves and the world.

Sometimes we learn positive helpful things like “I’m smart”, “I’m athletic”, “I’m funny”, etc.

Other times we learn unhelpful things like: “people like me because I’m smart/athletic/funny and if I’m not that, people won’t like me so I better work really hard to stay that way or I’ll be alone/unlovable/not enough.”

A benign enough thought at first glance but the trouble is, your brain turns that thought into “the truth”, or “the way it is” and then a whole bunch of limiting beliefs get made up to keep you stuck in that perspective and pattern.

Your mind gets programmed with limiting beliefs like:

  • “People only like me because I’m smart… so I better never look dumb or stupid or people won’t like me” and TA-DA! Just like that a perfectionist is born.
  • “People like me because I’m nice… so I better make sure I’m always being or nice or people might not like me” and TA-DA! Just like that a people-pleaser is born.

Obviously it’s not quite that simple, however it’s different versions of this (with your personal flavour) happening over and over again in your mind, programming your “operating system” to believe those thoughts as “the truth”.  

You see, unlike your phone, at the time when you were learning those unhelpful things, you didn’t have a team of software engineers fixing bugs in your system. In fact, you don’t even have a good way of identifying what the bugs in the system are, let alone to fix them!

You’ve tried everything to fix the errors in your “programming” but…

Like a lot of people, you’ve probably spent a lot of time trying to figure out and fix the bugs the best way you could:

  • read all the books
  • watched all of YouTube
  • listened to all the podcasts
  • joined the Facebook groups
  • done the journaling
  • tried meditating
  • etc. etc. etc.

But so far, it’s made no real difference. You’re still stuck in the patterns of behaviour that hold you back from getting what you really want in life:

  • loving relationships
  • meaningful friendships
  • harmonious families
  • professional satisfaction and fulfillment.

Maybe you’ve even tried personal development programs and courses, or given therapy a shot, but you keep going through similar cycles over and over and still don’t understand why or how to stop… it’s hella frustrating! Are you ready for something different?

I learned more from a 2-hr conversation with Heather …

“ …than I did in 2 years of therapy. She helped me finally understand what was going on and fix the real issues rather than what I originally thought I needed to focus on. Her program made a big difference!
Alix E

Heather’s program helped me see my blind spots so I could…

“… understand myself in a way I never have before. I’ve been doing work like this for years, and thought I’d heard everything. I feel like can finally make the changes to live my life the way I want.”
Mehgan M

I love the structure Heather built into this great process!

“She’s is able to quickly decode the unhelpful programming holding you back, so you can focus on building a life that is true to you. The understanding I gained allows me to choose a different happier path.”
Jacquie F

How long and how much?

If you’re anything like me, you just want the bottom line… so let’s get down to it shall we?

  • This done-for-you program will get you all the answers you’re looking for with as little of your time as possible. Since I do most of the heavy lifting for you, your time commitment is 2.5 to 4 hours.
  • As a special introductory offer (so far this has only been offered inside a 6 exclusive 1:1 coaching agreement) I’m making this available to the first 15 registrants at 25% off the regular price of $799… Your price? $599.

I’m ready! Let’s do this!

I have more questions.

You can keep reading or just book a free call and we can talk, no obligation at all 🙂

After decades of struggling inside the confines of how I thought I should be, I finally discovered the secret to setting myself free once and for all. After doing all the things myself, I finally saw a way to connect all the different pieces I’d learned along the way and create a map for myself to undo all the unhelpful “programming” I’d experienced in my life.

Introducing the WILDprint!

This program was inspired by my work with Dr John Gottman of the Gottman institute. Using over four decades of research, Dr Gottman created a highly effective system that eliminates the guess work that often comes with trying to figure out what’s really going on within a struggling couple.

After years of seeing the value that process creates in my practice with couples, I wondered if the same process could be applied to an individual and their relationship with themselves.

I decided to take what I’d learned from the Gottman process and expand it to include everything else I’d learned through other modalities, trainings, and life experiences. I wanted a simple way for my clients to understand what’s happening at the root so they had a clear pathway to freedom.

It’s truly become the first step in reconnecting you with your real self, the you that is YOU before all the experiences and conditioning or “programming” happened.

The WILDprint is an innovative solution to get you the answers and explanations you’re looking for about why you are the way you are and why you keep getting those unsatisfying results in your life. It’s like a blueprint or a map of your “operating system” that shows you what the bugs are, where they’re hiding, and why you have them.

The “WILDprint” is the most epic personality test ever!

Unlike a blueprint, that essentially sets limits and restrictions on how something can look, the WILDprint is designed to help you bust through those limits and restrictions and unleash the most powerful version of yourself possible.

Having answers like this gives you real power ! Once you really understand what’s going on with you – where the “bugs” are – you can stop wasting all that energy trying to but never actually getting anywhere.

How does it work?

It’s very simple! This done for your program is designed to be as easy for you as possible:

STEP 1 – You’ll receive an online assessment, made up of multiple choice style questions – it’s as simple as read and click.

STEP 2 – I spend a couple of hours personally analyzing and compiling your responses into a personalized summary that explains everything. Plus, I’ll make sure to include some clear action steps for you to take.

STEP 3 – We have a private 1:1 session to review your summary and make sure you have all the dots connected properly. You’ll have time to ask all your questions and leave our session with a completely new understanding of what’s really going on inside you.

STEP 4 – We’ll reconnect a week later and see how you’re doing with everything. It’s a lot of information to absorb so you’ll have a chance to circle back and clarify anything you need to and help chart your course moving forward!

The whole thing can be completed in as short a time as a week with as little as 2.5 hours of your time.

This program was SO helpful!

“After going through this process with Heather I was able to gain clarity on some deep-rooted habits and gain awareness into some patterns I didn’t know I had.  She helped uncover and break some ideas in a simple and direct way that made a huge difference for me!”
Tiffany J

“The boundary setting I learned how to do…

…with Heather paved the way to change my entire life! It helped me to see what I needed to let go of – especially the relationships that weren’t serving me. It opened the door to finally seeing a different way to create the relationship of my dreams.”
Poorni B

I’m ready! Let’s do this!

I’m curious, but need more info.

Is this the program for me?

This program isn’t for everyone… it requires a certain level of commitment to getting over your own bullshit and that’s not for the faint of heart.

  • You want to get off the Groundhog Day cycle and to finally figure out why things are still so challenging.
  • You’re tired of being frustrated and doubtful, wondering if you’ll ever get what you want.
  • You want to find a satisfying relationship with someone you feel truly partnered by.
  • You’re done settling for “fine” doubting that what you want is possible.
  • You’re ready to invest in finally getting to the root of your issues.

Let’s also be clear who this is NOT for:

  • The WILDprint is not for you if you’ve never done any self-reflection and are brand new to the personal development world.
  • The WILDprint is not for you if you’re expecting that having the answers is the same as doing the work to solve the problems.
  • The WILDprint is not for you if you’d rather avoid digging into your “stuff” and want someone to magically fix things for you.

Let’s fast-forward to your new reality!

Here’s what I want you to get out of having your WILDprint done:

Clarity & Understanding – I’m a firm believer that once you know what the problem is, you can more effectively fix it. The WILDprint will give you that clear understanding. You’ll discover the source of why you have some of the patterns and limiting beliefs that you have and from there chart a new course to finally create the shift you desire.

Confidence & Power – The constant wondering if you’ve figured it out and if you can relax or if you need to keep digging and solving and working on stuff is exhausting! The WILDprint combines pieces of everything to ensure you have the complete picture of why you are the way you are so you can confidently move in the direction of your dreams.

Renewed Optimism – The WILDprint is the beginning of you finally letting go of the nagging feeling that there’s something “wrong” with you. You’ll be able to see what’s truly possible for your life plus a pathway to get you there.

What the WILDprint covers:

There are many facets to every human being so trying to put them in a box is challenging and often wholly ineffective. The WILDprint is designed to look at 5 main areas of life and determine how what you’re doing in those areas are contributing to (or detracting from) your overall happiness and life satisfaction

Inner wisdom: How well you trust and know yourself; your needs, wants, and desires. If you’re not clear on what you want and why you want it, it’s pretty hard to bring it to life IRL.

Wholeheartedness: How you relate to yourself, talk to yourself, treat yourself. When your inner world is filled with criticism, self-abandonment, and judgment, feeling empowered in your life is pretty challenging.

Self-Expression: How you show up in the world; how you speak to and treat yourself has a HUGE impact on what you do and believe you’re capable and deserving of. It’s hard to feel like you can (or deserve to) fulfill on your dreams if you constantly tearing yourself down in your mind.

Experience of Life: What do you have in your life; what results do you have and why. There are probably a lot of things that you want in your life but feel challenged to create in reality. When you understand what you want, how you treat yourself, and what you’re actually doing in the world, you can see the pathway between where you are and where you want to be.

Environment: What the contributing factors to all of these things are. Things that happen throughout your life shapes the way you see things and what you then believe is possible for yourselves. It’s like you have a filtered view of how your life and you don’t even know it. Understanding what the filters are, where they come from, and the impact they have creates a powerful foundation to finally heal.

But, but, but…

Part of you is like I’M SO IN HEATHER! SIGN ME UP! But another part of you has some questions… so let’s get you those answers, shall we?

I’m scared it won’t work for me.

  •  That makes sense! Especially if you’ve been trying to deal with stuff like this for a while. This could also sound like it’s too good to be true and that I’m making a promise I can’t deliver on… I’ve been testing this process for a year now and everyone agrees that the results produced from this process are SO accurate it’s almost uncomfortable. The bottom line? You really can’t fail here!

I feel like I’ve done stuff like this before and it hasn’t worked.

  •  I get that… when you’re looking for answers and keep hitting dead ends or getting underwhelming results, it can feel so defeating. That’s why I put this program together! I’ve pulled together all the pieces of all the things from all the places into one location, to give you all the answers you’re looking for. Trust me, you’ve never experienced anything like this!

I’m worried I’ll discover things I’d rather not know or see.

  •  This can be one of the reasons some people never start the process of doing their inner work, and I can understand that. So far, all of the information revealed through this process isn’t necessarily new information to you, it’s the way the pieces of information are connected together that is most helpful in finally understanding why you are the way you are.

What if I can’t change even if I know what’s going on?

  •  Sometimes there is a reality of “you are the way you are”. We all have “enduring vulnerabilities” and they’re just a normal part of what every person has to deal with. The problem isn’t so much that we have them, it’s that most people don’t understand them or know how to deal with them. This process will highlight those for you so you can start discovering how to move forward instead of continuing to be stuck by it.

This sounds too good to be true.

  •  I totally understand that! As a born skeptic, that’s probably what I’d be thinking too… but you know how you have those experiences where you’re truly pleasantly surprised? That’s my plan with this program. I spent the last 20 years of my life trying to get these answers for myself – I did read all the books, went to multiple therapists, participated in a number of personal development programs, and worked with world class coaches, plus am a highly trained coach myself – and I want to save you from going through that same process. I took all of the “things” that helped me sort it all out for myself and put them into one place so you could jump right to the end and waste no more time trying to figure things out for yourself. I WISH I’d had something like this 20 years ago!!

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re stuck repeating the same frustrating patterns over and over, it’s time try something truly revolutionary.


What is the WILDprint?

  • The WILDprint is a done-for-you system designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of why you are the way you are and what areas you can focus on to finally transform those patterns and behaviours that are keeping you stuck.

How is it different than the other things I’ve tried?

  • The WILDprint combines a number of modalities from a broad range of sources all in one place to help give you the most comprehensive understanding about yourself possible. Inspired by the Gottman Therapy model for couples, this system sets a foundation for you to effectively build from.

How does it work?

  • It’s a three-step process that includes a comprehensive online assessment, a private and in-depth discovery session, and wraps up with a follow-up review session.
  • Once you’ve registered, you’ll be sent a link to your private online assessment. This online assessment is like no other in that it combines many different modalities and resources into one place to provide the most comprehensive understanding possible about who you are, why you are that way, and what to do about it.
  • Then I’ll take all the data and compile it into an easy-to-understand report that connects all the dots for you in one place. Together we’ll review it during your discover session where you’ll have a chance to ask all your questions and start to chart your pathway to freedom.
  • You’ll leave that session with a lot of new information and perspectives to digest, plus a couple of action items to test out in real life and see what difference they make.
  • Finally, we’ll have a follow-up checkin session in about 5 – 7 days, to see how you’re doing. At the end of the discovery session, most people need some time to process what they’ve learned and integrate some of the ideas and concepts. Inevitably there will be more questions and I want to make sure you have a chance to get those answers.

How much does it cost?

  •  The WILDprint is regularly $799 however, for a limited time I’m offering an introductory rate of 25% off making your price $599!! And as a special bonus, the first 5 people to register will get a 1:1 private coaching call with me! That way you can really figure out how to put your WILDprint into action!

How long does it take?

  • The whole process is usually completed over a 2-week period, including the follow-up call that happens 5 – 7 days after your WILDprint Discovery Session.

Why should I try this?

  • If you’re tired of going in circles, trying to change parts of yourself or patterns you have, then this is the program for you. In a short couple of weeks, you’ll have the answers you need to start creating real change in your life.

Sounds great! Now what?

Well… you’ve got a decision to make – stay stuck OR try something totally innovative that will get you unstuck.

If you’ve scrolled this far, it’s clear there’s something about this that’s calling to you. It’s time you listened to that inner wisdom, it’s telling you something that other parts of you seem to be ignoring.

Of course you can just jump right in and REGISTER NOW ! That promises you’ll be opening the door on a different future. If you’re still hesitating, then BOOK A CALL and we can talk to make sure it’s a proper fit for you.

I’m ready, sign me up!