Unlock the power and magic already within you.

The heart led program where you discover
what’s truly possible for yourself and your life.

Rediscover who you truly are, at your core.

The Rewilding Project is a 10-month, deep-dive journey to reconnect you with your authentic self.

Rediscover & Reclaim

Phase I

Inside all of us is the wild and unfettered version of ourselves; the original YOU before ‘life’ happened… let’s go find her and set her free!

Rekindle & Renew

Phase II

You’ve been stuck inside the constraints of your history and adopted roles… now that we have the authentic you, lets create your life from here.

Re-create & Release

Phase III

Living authentically is a bold and courageous act… now that you’ve cracked the code on living your truth, let’s learn to embody that permanently!


Rewilding: To restore a person to their natural, uncultivated state; the reintroduction of original, authentic character that has been driven out or exterminated.”

Includes specialized curriculum

Program is custom-created by and an award-winning designer.

Includes personalized support

50+ hours of small group sessions and private coaching support.

Includes a private mastermind

Small group of like-minded women to connect and grow with.

Discover the power of being led by your heart.

Reconnect with the Feminine.

Step out of the prove and strive energy of the masculine, and learn to embody the intuitive, creative, and receptive energy of the feminine.

Release yourself from limiting beliefs.

Build your confidence in yourself and what you’re capable of as you work through, process, and release limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.  

Reclaim your space.

Learn to let your needs, wants, feelings, and desires to take up space in your life and shape the way you build relationships and create your future.

Rewrite your future.

Use your authentic self, free from the limiting beliefs and restrictions from your past, to be the deciding force in determining how your life goes from here on.


Recover your shadow-self.

Explore your shadow side (where the triggers, self-rejection, and shame live) with compassion and release yourself from your unconscious patterns.

Renew your relationship with your intuition.

Allow the powerful wisdom from deep within you, to be your compass and forever improve face day-to-day challenges and decisions.

Regain your connection to your body.

Increase your ability to follow-through in your life by deepening your connection with your body and learning to regulate your nervous system to

Rewilded Sisterhood

After the program, join the community of Rewilded women continuing their growth together, and ensure you keep the results of your hard work alive in your life.