Rewrite Your Love Story.

A 10-week journey to redefine, rewrite, and rewire your Relationship Blueprint.

Feel cared for.

Feel considered.

Feel chosen.

Rewrite Your Love Story is a 10-week, transformative group coaching program that will help you break free from the painful relationship patterns that hold you back and create happy, connected, and loving relationships.

What’s included:

Specially Designed Curriculum

Follow a world-class curriculum crafted to help you understand and rewrite your relationship blueprint. Engage in strategic exercises designed to rewire your brain, ensuring deep and lasting change.

Comprehensive Worksheets

Receive practical worksheets for each session to reinforce your learning and track your progress. These will guide you through the process of applying what you learn in each session to your daily life.

Curated Resource Library

Gain access to a specially curated resource library filled with a wide variety of audio and video materials that will support your growth and deepen your understanding.

Don’t wait to start rewriting your love story!

Why This Workshop?

Rewrite Your Love Story is not just another relationship course. It’s a comprehensive journey led by a highly experienced master coach and world-class curriculum designer. This workshop will empower you to:

  • Understand Your Blueprint: Gain a deeper understanding of the subconscious patterns that shape your relationship choices and dynamics.
  • Rewire Your Brain: Use proven techniques and exercises to rewire your brain, changing your relationship blueprint at its core.
  • Create Lasting Change: Transform your approach to love and relationships, opening the door to the fulfilling, loving partnerships you deserve.
  • Receive Personalized Support: Benefit from tailored coaching and a supportive community of like-minded women.

Invest in your future!

Early Bird Pricing

Available until 10pm MST, March 26th

Pay in full: $1500 CAD

3 Payments of $535 CAD

(1 payment every 4-weeks X3)

Regular Program Price

Standard pricing for 10 week program.

Pay in full: $1800 CAD

3 Payments of $640 CAD

(1 payment every 4-weeks X3)

Premium Package

(Includes 3 additional 1:1 coaching sessions and email access to me!)

Pay in full: $2500 CAD

3 Payments of $890 CAD

(1 payment every 4-weeks X3)

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your love life.
Register today and take the first step towards rewriting your love story.