Ready to feel like you’re valued, supported, and loved in your relationships?

(But secretly worried you’ll have to tolerate emotional scraps forever?)

You deserve to feel cared for.

You deserve to feel considered.

You deserve to feel chosen.

decoding emotional unavailability

There’s nothing wrong with you.

You deserve to have relationships where you feel emotionally safe and free to express yourself and your needs.

You’re not asking for too much.

You deserve to feel partnered; to have someone who considers your feelings, knows what matters to you, and cares about the relationship as much as you do.

confused and sad woman
woman decoding emotional unavailability

You deserve a loving relationship.

You deserve to feel like you matter, that your needs are important and valid, and above all else, that they choose you for YOU.

How do you stop the rollercoaster of emotionally unavailable relationships?


Discover what Emotional Unavailability really is.

Learn what emotional unavailability truly means and why it keeps showing up.


Learn how to spot it and stop the pattern.

Discover the different sides of the problem, including what you can do.


Put yourself in the relationship drivers-seat.

Take the steps to create the loving and connected relationship you deserve.

What’s included in the $47 workshop?

Now including a comprehensive workbook and 3 custom created videos, this digital workshop has been fully upgraded!

The Decoding Emotional Unavailability workbook has more detailed yet relatable explanations, and powerful exercises to help you finally beat emotional unavailability.

The videos will support you in more deeply integrating what you’re learning, so you can finally crack the code on emotional unavailability.

Video #1 – What is Emotional Unavailability – This video will help you understand what emotional unavailability really is and why you keep attracting (and chasing) emotionally unavailable people into your life.

Video #2 – How to Spot Emotional Unavailability – Sometimes it’s easy to confuse chemistry with our trauma bonds or dysfunctional patterns. This video will help you learn to discern between the two.

Video #3 – How to Deal With Emotional Unavailability – Learn the steps you can take to conquer this heartbreaking cycle once and for all!

This online workshop is sooooo good! Everything about it makes sense, and is both clear, practical, and deep-hitting.




My wish for you…

I’m a pretty straightforward person, and I prefer to get to the heart of things as quickly and directly as possible. So let me do that here.

I’ve been on the roller coaster ride that is emotional unavailability, and I know first hand how much it sucks. It’ll break your heart every time, and I want more for you than that.

I want you to feel confident in your value and capable of creating the kind of love you truly deserve. That’s what I had in mind when I created this program. A straightforward, relatable, and effective program that would help you shift the way you see yourself and your relationships. A program that would help you in decoding emotional unavailability and breaking the cycle.

Are you ready to crack the code on emotional unavailability?

Decoding Emotional Unavailability – You’re worth it.

Emotional unavailability is a deeply pervasive and painful cycle that will not just stop repeating itself when you start a new relationship. There are patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs that live in your blind spot, and are preventing you from creating the happy, connected, and loving relationship you so deeply desire.

Learning to understand what’s really going on for you (like, why do you say yes to this kind of treatment?) as you continue to get involved with and tolerate relationships where you are consistently feeling less than a treasured priority, is a necessary part of you finally realizing the true partnership you deserve.

You deserve to feel loved.

You deserve to feel valued.

You deserve to feel respected.

You are worth it!