You Can’t Control or Change Your Partner.

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This topic comes up in just about any conversation about dissatisfaction in relationships because people often think they can change their partner. So let’s get this out of the way right at the beginning. You can’t. If your partner makes a real change in their life, it’s because they decided to do so. There. That’s clear. End of article right? …

couple facing each other having a tough conversation to avoid future conflict

Learning to Have Uncomfortable Conversations in Your Relationship Will Actually Build the Connection

Heather Spurrell Building Connection and Intimacy, Building Trust, Meaningful Conversations

According to Dr. John Gottman, one of the key indicators of a healthy relationship is the friendship in the partnership. Couples who genuinely like each other and enjoy spending time together have a healthy relationship – no brainer right? So what builds and maintains friendship in the relationship? One way to build friendship in the relationship is to talk to each …

Creating better connection and intimacy is easy when you know how to fight more fairly.

Learn to Fight Fair and Bring New Levels of Connection and Intimacy to Your Relationship

Heather Spurrell Building Connection and Intimacy, Manage Relationships Powerfully, Relationship Rulebook

By Heather Spurrell It’s 10 am Saturday morning, errand day, and you and your person are set. It’s all the life stuff, mundane but necessary. Normally it would be a boring hassle but today is a ‘date-day’ in an effort to reconnect with each other. The connection and intimacy have been drifting as between you have been a little tense …

better communication through tough conversations

Better Communication Is Easy When You Stop Being Afraid of the Fight

Heather Spurrell Building Connection and Intimacy, Dealing With Breakdowns In Your Relationship, Tools For Better Communication

It’s 5:30 am. Your alarm goes off to start another day. You rub your face, trying to wake up after a night of not-so-restful-sleep. You remember what you have ahead of you at work today and your shoulders slump. You drag yourself out of bed and down the stairs to get a cup of life-giving coffee… a bright spot in …