When was the last time you felt good about saying “no” without a good reason?

I mean, when was the last time you could say “no” simply because that was your truth? Not because you had something else – like a worldwide pandemic and health restrictions – as a justifiable excuse?

For most people, saying no isn’t an easy and natural thing to do, in fact it’s the exact opposite! Lots of people struggle to say no, and when they end up having to, it creates serious feelings of guilt.

In the world right now, there’s a growing conversation – especially among people pleasers – that the excuse of Covid and the health restrictions has been a blessing in disguise!

Does that sound remotely familiar?

Because the stress of feeling obligated to say yes in pre-Covid times, is a little greater than dealing with the stress of the pandemic… I mean nobody wants to actually say that, but when you listen you can hear that’s the truth.

Isn’t that an amazing thing to consider??

Covid is a justifiable reason to say “no” and feel ok about it.

As we get closer to the possibility of life returning to normal (even if that’s months away from now) anxiety about “how will I continue to say no” is starting to creep in.

So let’s do something about that!

No better time than when you still have a lot of runway ahead of you.

Working on this now, when you still have the backstop of Covid to rely on is a no brainer. It gives you time to practice saying no to things simply because that’s your truth and if you fail at it, you have Covid as a second line of defence.

Online Workshop: “How to say no after Covid”.

In this limited seating, 3-hour session we’ll look at tools to help you learn to say no and feel good about it rather than being overrun with guilt:

  • Why is it hard for you to say “no” and are there some people that are more challenging to say “no” to than others?
  • Once you’ve decided to start saying “no” how do you do that without feeling like a jerk?
  • How do you hold the boundary of “no” if someone pushes back?

We’ll cover all of those topics and give you some time to ask questions related to your specific situation.

Location: Online – Zoom

Date: Sunday, April 25th

Time: 11:00am – 2:00pm (MDT or UTC-7)

Cost: Early bird pricing of $77.00 CAD

(Regular registration price is $97.00 after April 19th)

Space will be limited so make sure you reserve your spot early!