The Relationship Check-up

It's time to do things differently

We all want amazing relationships, we want them to go the distance -

We want them to thrive!

Here's the truth: Happy and healthy relationships are WORK!


Our work with Heather has had a huge impact on our relationship.  In so many ways, but most with regard to communication and understanding.  

Being in a relationship for 5+ years you think you have a pretty good understanding of a person, but we often found ourselves in a tangle of miscommunication, misinterpretations and hurt feelings from not really being heard.  Heather has provided us tools on how to reconnect, redevelop trust and how to really listen to each other.  It is always a process, but having Heather in our corner for support and guidance is the best tool of all!

- Kayley & Daren

A Program With a Real Plan

The Relationship Checkup will help you address all the most common relationship complaints with a clear structure.

The program provides a plan and the tools that will guide you through even the most frustrating, complicated and uncomfortable situations.

The Relationship Checkup will leave you with:


A productive way to tell your partner what you needed


A space where you are actually feeling heard


An ability to acknowledge that conflict is no longer scary


Feeling comfortable dealing with your partner’s feelings


The drive to keep the passion and romance alive

Be "That" Couple

Don't be a statistic

If relationships are an integral part of our lives, then isn’t it time to put some effort into learning how to do them well?

Studies show that couples wait an average of 6 years before seeking support

Here’s the thing, there is a better way.

Whether you’re at the beginning of something great and want to keep it that way or maybe you’re a little further down the road and recognize there’s an unfavorable drift happening, the time to start is NOW.

A Research-Based Approach

The Relationship Checkup is a research-based approach to managing relationships that turns the original paradigm on its head.

Using over 40 years of proven research, Dr. John Gottman designed a process to rapidly get to the root issues in your relationship.

In just three 90-minute sessions (plus an in-depth online assessment) you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of the health of your relationship.

In a short period of time, you’ll have a plan that will support you in knowing what to work on and how.

Through the Relationship Checkup, you will explore:

  • Are we on track?

  • If so, how do we
    keep it that way?

  • if not, how can we
    get back on track?

  • What tools can we use to ongoingly keep us happy and satisfied?

Don't Spend Anymore
Time Wondering

And start knowing where you're going

Learn about Gottman tools to support you in defining and establishing your long-term relationship goals; making sure you and your partner are on the same page and set up to support each other in fulfilling those life dreams.

Plus a structure to help you celebrate the good stuff you’ve already got going on – even if you’ve kind of forgotten about some of it.

The Relationship Checkup will provide you with
the answers you’ve be looking for:

  • Discover the health of the friendship in your relationship

  • See the true strengths of your relationship and explore various ways of expanding those

  • Learn how you currently solve problems and manage conflict

  • Identify constructive ways to have difficult conversations that ensure you feel supported and heard rather than shut down or disconnected

  • Figure out how and where you can make a real difference in the happiness and satisfaction of your relationship

    You Have the Power

    Be an active player in the success and happiness of your relationship!